French Conference Interpreter - Interprète de conférence (anglais)
Global Interpreting - America, Africa & Asia
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French interpreting tailored to your needs

  • Assistance provided during high level international meetings (including ministerial level and G8)
  • Availability at (very) short notice
  • No extra charge for travelling time

an interpreter who will accept travelling to all regions

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Americas

ready to remit an adaptative interpreting suited to your needs

  • Knowledge of Indian culture
  • Understanding of Islam and Arab culture
  • Comprehension of Chinese and Japanese etiquette
  • Dresscode fully respected locally
  • Fast and reliable experienced Conference Interpreter

  • Client's assistance and interpreting escort provided to all echelons of the administration (G8, Presidential, Prime Ministerial or Ministerial levels)
  • Interpreting in all settings whether it is a company presentation or open days, a tour of company, a visit to premises and the production line
  • All types of Interpreting carried out (whispering, consecutive, simultaneous and escort interpreting) 
  • Available at very short notice.  
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    • Conférences médicales et pharmaceutiques
    Audiences au tribunal
    Réunions et colloques internationaux
  • interprétariat ad-hoc (réunions) et de liaison (accompagnement du client)
  • Interprétariat consécutif (présentation dans la société ou journée ports ouvertes à des clients potentiels, visite guidée de la société, tour de l'usine de production)
  • Interprétariat simultanée de conférences (en cabine)
  • Compréhension de la culture islamique et respect du code vestimentaire 
  • Grande expérience acquise dans beaucoup de domaines. 
     Disponible sous brefs délais


    Cheffe d'équipe - Team Leader  Experience

     Experience acquired on several occasions as a cheffe d'equipe / Team Leader managing a large team of interpreters, liaising with the client, answering to various queries from the interpreters,  debriefing to the interpreting companies at the end of the assignments. During the various assignments, I was able to reduce the incidence of accidental unswitched microphones, wrong channel errors, solving any hardware and software problems with the collaboration of the sound engineers, arranging taxis back to the airport or train station, and solving any last impediment to a well-planned programme that can occasionnally be set off-course at the last minute in order to ensure a smooth interpreting experience for the client with a positive outcome for the interpreting companies.


     Voice Samples: 

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    Interpreting from and into French and English

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