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Email: Please send all correspondence to this e-mail. Thank you. This is my preferred method of correspondence as during Conference interpreting, or when doing a translation, or giving a French language tuition over Skype, my phone is on mute and is often left accidentally on mute. My personalised e-mail with my name at present cannot be checked when out of the office with my iPhone as there's a certificate authentification problem. is currently working on the problem with the server. Kindly also copy me to this e-mail.  (same as previous link) Thanks)

Skype add this e-mail  -  Skype interviews most welcome (please book the time beforehand - this e-mail is checked less often)



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UK Payments accepted via PayPal, Resolut and Transferwise (the sender shall cover the transfer costs),  "Pay your Contacts" on your UK mobile phone app (with the telephone number under Paym®), and bank transfers via your internet banking platform (via S/C and A/C no. - preferred payment method with the sender bearing the costs of transfer). Payments from outside England are accepted on condition that the sender bears the transfer costs otherwise a second transfer might be necessary to refund any deduction made by the banks. (Credit for English agencies and companies domiciled in England is subject to credit scoring with Experian and work only accepted with a PO reference number from a reputable and bona fide commercial client or agency). Agencies and professional clients domiciled outside England are encouraged to advance the funds. Scottish, Channel Islands and Ile of Man clients are advised to advance the funds. Unpaid invoices from English companies and commercial clients will be referred to a debt recovery agency. Individuals residing in the UK are encouraged to pay in advance. Credit card payments are accepted via PayPal with the sender bearing the transfer costs. My PayPal Business account incurs 3.5% charge for transactions and £0.20 per transaction. Clients are there asked to add 3.5% on top of any PayPal payment to cover the cost of the transaction. I shall bear the £0.20 charge of course per transaction. So, PayPal transaction are Invoice amount + 3.5% on top. Thank you. 

 ETHOSCheques and cash are not accepted in view of implementing full fiscal transparency in accordance with EU and UK laws. Anti-money laundering best practices are implemented, and clients seeking interpreting or translation for tax optimisation or tax avoidance schemes will not be assisted in their effort to avoid or evade British taxation. Clients seeking shadowing exam preparation in view of me writing their children's or student's examination papers in French to pass it on as their own shall not be assisted. I will only help and prepare the child or student to do the examination themselves and give the students the necessary tools to optimise their exam preparation


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