French Conference Interpreter - Interprète de conférence (anglais)
Chineham: local Tuition, Interpreting and Translation
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"Bonjour Basingstoke!" French Language  with Zoom Tuition
  • Learn how to read French like a native
  • Write French correspondence and messages
  • Confidence building in French
  • Role-plays with co-students
  • Elocution fully corrected to be French
  • Number drills
  • Verb specific exercises 
  • Vocabulary buidling 
  • Build sentences in French
  • Open your mind to French speaking cultures                              ALL TUITION IS DONE VIA ZOOM, SKYPE, WEBEX AND GOOGLE HANGOUTS

Individual lesson (one to one) or group tuition offerred remotely from the comfort of your home via Zoom, Webex, Skype and Google Hangouts
Weekend intensive courses for Company Executives (4 to 8 hours per day) 

All levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Learn how to write correspondence and email messages in French 

  • Learn to read in French (rules for pronunciation and silent letters, liaisons & enchainement)
  • Get tips on sound recognition, step by step method for full speed French understanding 
  • Tuition tailored to business environment
  • Dynamic maintained to keep enthusiasm with games
  • Total immersion (from gradual to full immersion)
  • Flip teaching (get your homework corrected, self taught grammar programme, lesson centered on speech)
  • Games used to make learning French a lesson with fun
  • Morning, afternoon and evening tuition available
  • Results in a short time - no wastage of time or money with an amateur
  • Chineham and Basingstoke Tuition available at your company premises or at home
  • Avoid cultural faux pas and outdo competitors with winning contracts in France.
  • Understanding the fundamental differences in politeness and etiquette between the French-speaking and English-speaking worlds. 
  • Becoming self-reliant in French-speaking countries to master the French language in order to fully insert into French-speaking societies. 

And for all your French interpreting and Translation needs, please hire someone very local - I live in Chineham, I'm near Chineham Village Hall - I can teach in Chineham and Sherfield on Loddon. Outside Basingstoke and Hook, Students are invited to attend Skype Tuition. 
This formula offers you the opportunity to practice French on your company premises or in the comfort of your home. Perfect for preparing for the holidays in France, doing business with France, and generally enjoying learning French with ease.   
I will help you to sound more French when speaking to be close to a native speaker and will help you build on your current understanding of French grammar to be fluent in written French to be understood by a native speaker. You will learn how to master the correct placement of your lips and tongue to achieve the French melody, pitch, tone and French intonation when speaking in the language of Molière. 
Cours d'élocution en langue anglaise pour les apprenants francophones : Vous recevrez des cours d'élocution en langue anglaise si vous le souhaitez afin d'être pleinement compris lorsque vous vous exprimez en langue anglaise. Correction de la prononciation avec maitrise du placement des lèvres, langue et l'utilisation de l'espace buccal et lingual. Vous apprendrez à maitriser les voyelles de la langue anglaise et à faire la distinction entre tous les sons de la langue de Shakespeare afin de développer pleinement votre potentiel en anglais. 
French language learners are reminded that when their company pays for their tuition, they must keep their video on during the whole lesson for me to certify their presence online to the French tuition. Thank you.  


And don't forget to watch and subscribe to my youtube channel (I've liked very good French videos for learning French, and will soon upload my French tuition onto my Youtube channel with tips for reading, speaking and writing in French). Search Patricia Charnet on Youtube (to be uploaded)


A few links available on my page for French learners