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All your documents in English can be translated into French by a competent French Translator with adequate experience. No amateurism.


Here are below a few examples amongst many others:  

A qualified translator with a translation degree, law degree and professional body membershipn - Medical and Legal translations done as per usual - extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry


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All my certified translations are true to the original, and duly signed and dated. 

 Toutes mes traductions certifiées sont conformes à l'original et dument signées et datées. 



  • imagesbritish_flag.jpg English birth certificate translated into French for a marriage in France, Belgium or Switzerland or to apply for French / Belgian / Swiss citizenship
  • French Birth Certificate translated into English to apply for "settled status" in the UK
  • English Court documents translated into French for divorce proceedings.   
  • Correspondence with French authorities or property documents translated into English (house purchase agreement, utility bills, tax office correspondence)
  • Commercial contract translated into French for a French client and into English for a British client - no gobbledygook, all nuances expressly indicated with comment notes if need be.
  • Medical brochure translated into French to satisfy the regulation authorities - experienced medical and pharmaceutical translator trained by a French theatre nurse and a British pharmaceutical physician and entry examination for ITI (Institute of Translators and Interpreters) taken in Pharmaceutical & Medical from English into French with a pass. 
  • French translator specialised in medical and pharmaceutical terminology (including dentistry and ophalmology) - including trained on the spot by experts in the profession before any important conferences
  • British Police Records translated into French or French Criminal Records "extrait de casier judiciaire" translated into English - great experience in translating French and British police records to accompany Visa and Nationality applications
  • British and American legal documents translated into French by a French native speaker with a French legal degree DEUG PAE Droit with a broad experience in translating American and British legal documents into French. Work regularly checked by French qualified lawyers working in the UK - great feedback received over the years, which allowed me to give you accurate translations for the legal team. 
  • images_french_flag_nice.jpgActe de naissances français traduits en anglais pour le mariage avec une personne britannique
  • Correspondance en français traduite vers l'anglais pour effectuer la procédure d'héritage ou demander le "settled status" - vaste expérience en la matière


  • Document de la Procédure de divorce effectuée en Angleterre traduits et certifiés conformes pour les autorités françaises
  • Extrait de casier judiciaire français traduit en anglais - avec certificat de traduction conforme dument daté et signé
  • Extrait de casier judiciaire anglais traduit en français - avec certificat de traduction conforme dument daté et signé
  • Vaste expérience dans la traduction de documents médicaux de l'anglais vers le français avec examen d'entré effectué auprès d'ITI (Institute of Translators and Interpreters) avec l'option Médicine & Pharmaceutique. 
  • Grande expérience dans la traduction de documents juridiques britanniques et américains traduits de l'anglais vers le français par une traductrice dument qualifié en droit français DEUG PAE Droit et dont le travail a été vérifié depuis des décennies par les juristes et avocats qualifiés en France résidant en Angleterre. 
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 Quality Assurance 
The vast majority of the documents (subject to formatting compatibility) is translated with translation memory programs such as Trados, MemoQ and Across to ensure consistency and quality of my translations made for the clients. Adobe Acrobat and Abbyy Finereader are also used for editing purposes. The quality and consistency of my translations is of the utmost importance to ensure client's satisfaction. Follow-up is appreciated and feedback always welcomed
Certified Translations
When you need a certified translation, rest assured that my translations are always signed by me, bear my profesionnal seal, and are duly dated. My certified translations are presented in a very professional manner leading to their acceptance. To this date, I never had a certified translation refused by any British and French / Belgian authorities. Make sure that the authority wanting the certified translation does accept an MITI qualified translator and/or a translator registered on the French Consulate General in London (particularly for people wanting to export the document to Canada, South Africa, India, the UAE, and French-speaking Africa). 
TRANSLATION for dealing with French-speaking authorities 
 British companies looking for a French translator to assist them with paperwork in French are most welcomed. 
- Translation of correspondence from/into French as a fast service done by e-mails (French customs, Belgian customs, French and Belgian authorities)
- Telephone calls can be done on your behalf for emergencies (for the last minute change)
- Assistance with French interpreting when you have French-speaking visitors at your Company premises (business language assistance to navigate smoothly during negotiations)
- Total discretion, CDAs signed, absolute professionalism (top service) 
- In-depth experience with the business sector over many years ensuring a top quality professional service (expertise in avoiding faux-pas)
- Full understanding of nuances and double-entendre in English (have been settled in the UK for 32 years)
- All shades of meaning fully understood in French (close contact kept with the French speaking world over the decades) 

                                            Aptitudes en traduction de l'anglais vers le français conservées et maintenues à un niveau professionnel par des contacts quotidiens avec la France, et par le biais de lectures de quotidiens, livres et magazines avec une liseuse et tablette.



E&OE (errors and omissions excepted) (erreurs et omissions exceptées). 


TRANSLATION with the French-speaking authorities  - see bottom of page