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An experienced French interpreter

  • Conference interpreting (simultaneous interpreting in the conference booth or with the tour guide)
  • Court interpreting   (whispering interpreting for the French speaking client)
  • Business interpreting (consecutive interpreting with the delegates or simultaneous interpreting with the tour guide, and conference or suite booth )
  • Community and Police interpreting (local whispering interpreting for hospitals, police and social services)

with a few specialisations in interpreting

  • Medical (accompanying patient to hospitals, doctor's surgeries, RTAs follow-up and repatriation, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical (Medical and Pharmaceutical conferences e.g. virology, infectious diseases, AIDS/HIV, oncology, etc.)
  • Legal (assisting client to Royal Courts of Justice, and any case with Legal representation - assisting the legal team for the client's benefit)
  • Commercial or Technical (informal and official business - visits of French-speaking delegates)
  • Contract negotiations (to help avoid any misunderstandings or cultural mishaps, fine-tuning communication for pre-, during or post-negotations)
  • Available at short notice - just give me a ring!

and flexibility in mind during the interpreting

  • Interpreting carried out from French into English and from English into French - excellent elocution
  • Interpreting carried out at the conference venue 
  • Online Interpreting
  • 3 way communication channel with Skype, Webex or other similar method  
 . Telephone Conference Interpreting for short assignments (subject to good-quality connection)

images_french_flag.jpgimagesbritish_flag.jpg CDAs signed before the assignment
Assistance provided to French deleguates during Conferences
Early arrival to help with preparations
Departure only when the function is fully over 

images_french_flag_tilted.jpgLocalisation en Angleterre pour réduire les frais de transport pour les conférences

Présence à Londres pour les audiences auprès des Royal High Courts

Parfaite intégration dans la culture anglaise 

Interprétariat de liaison pour les francophones désirant une interprète au tribunal, pour voir

l'avocat ou pour l'accompagnement lors d'un RDV chez le médecin ou à l'hôpital 


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Interpreting from and into French and English