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Looking for a reliable and experienced French conference interpreter? 

  • Rely on an experienced and qualified professional Conference interpreter for a  meeting or a large conference with many French delegates (French Interpreter - English<=>French) including for Medical and Legal Conferences (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering and tour guide) 
  • Trust a truthful translation of an English medical and legal document into French (French translator - English=> French) by a duly qualified professional - including personal documents and documentation (including Birth, Marriage and Death certificates) to apply for French / Belgian / Swiss / Luxembourg citizenship with a true translation certificate duly dated and signed
  • Get a quality translation of your personal documents and documentation from French into English to legalise your current status to apply for the "Settled Status" in the UK or to acquire British citizenship with a true translation certificate duly dated and signed
  • Enjoy a lively French language training for business or pleasure (French native Language Coach) - lots of dialogues face-to-face locally in Basingstoke or through Skype
  • Appreciate the support of an experienced business Facilitator for Management training (French facilitator) to deliver your management training with a French speaking interpreter assisting you for a perfect delivery of your management program

  • Traduction d'un document commercial, juridique ou médical de l'anglais en français (traductrice) par une experte dument certifiée (y compris pour une demande de nationalité française / belge / suisse ou luxembourgeoise ou bien simplement demander une CDS) avec certificat de traduction dument signé et daté
  • Traduction d'un document juridique ou des papiers d'identité du français vers l'anglais pour obtenir le "settled status" ou faire la demande de nationalité auprès de l'administration britannique et valider la traduction avec un certificat de traduction dument daté et signé
  • Assistance en français pour une conférence ou une réunion commerciale (interprétariat) grâce à l'assistance d'une interprète chevronnée dument qualifiée et ayant une vaste expérience en la matière
  • Cours de mise à niveau en français pour un anglophone (formation en français) par une locutrice de langue maternelle française
  • Soigner son élocution en français pour un francophile (présentation en français en toute confiance) avec un coach bilingue comprenant les subtilités des cultures française et anglaise et des langues anglaise et française
  • formation en management dans un contexte culturel francophone (mission confiée à une animatrice facilitatrice formatrice ayant fait ses preuves) auprès de missions de management à l'étranger



Hire a reliable French interpreter with many years of experience in conference interpreting to ensure quality French interpretation for your conference

British Authorities - Administration française  
To check the authenticity of my official certified translations, kindly click on Qualifications page 
Pour vérifier l'authenticité de mes traductions certifiées conformes, veuillez cliquez sur la page Qualifications 
 British companies looking to have an on-going relationship with a French translator to assist them with paperwork in French -> see page Medical Translation (bottom of page)
 English law: 
 When any transaction is made with myself and a company or an individual, the said transaction falls under English law. NDAs signed with companies do not override current English laws. Any agreement signed with a company when trading starts does not override any English law being in force and the said agreement is signed in spirit with current English laws and with ITI's Professional Code of Conduct being applicable. 
These terms override any other service agreement or CDA previously signed or signed afterwards. 
Language service providers can rest assured that their clients' confidentiality and respect for their clientele is always maintained. I have my own direct clients and will always have courtesy towards their clients and maintain professionalism with the agencies' clients who shall remain the agencies' clients in all my direct dealings with the end clients. When the end clients request my personal data following an outstanding interpreting assignment or an excellent translation remitted to the client, the agency will always be referred to as the main point of contact. Only my name will be given for the client to request my services again from the said language service provider. 
Terms and conditions: 
The present terms and conditions are made in line with current English laws and the ethos from ITI's professional Code of Conduct. I always maintain the utmost professionalism in all my transactions and have very long standing clients whether direct clients or language service providers who can testify as such.  These terms and conditions have always been maintained with the best ethos currently implemented in the translation and interpreting industry.